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The market for IMS circuit boards continues to grow.

High power dissipation in devices require appropriate technologies for heat dissipation. Here IMS circuit boards are used to quickly dissipate the heat generated from the circuit board surface.

The IMS technology is widely used in the field of LED applications. While Low Power LEDs are mostly still placed on Epoxy materials, the high power LEDs need better heat dissipating IMS substrates to ensure the long term functionality of the module.

But also in many other areas of electronics, IMS circuit boards are being used in more and more applications.

We offer three different technologies at MECO. The most cost-effective variant is clearly the classical single sided PCB.

The following materials are commercially available.

Aluminium thickness 1,00, 1,50, 2,00, 2,50, 3,00 mm
Copper thickness 18 μ, 35 μ, 70 μ, 105 μ
Dielectric 75 μ, 100 μ
Thermal conductivity WmK 1.10, 2.00, 3.00

There is also the possibility of pressing double-sided or multi-layer circuits subsequently on to an aluminum core. It should be noted that with a commercial FR4 prepreg the thermal conductivity significantly decreases. With special thermally conductive prepregs the values ​​of the one-sided version can be achieved here.

The third variant illustrates the structure with an internal aluminum core. Typically, the materials are pressed with normal FR4 prepreg. Dissipating heat through the inner core, is technologically clearly the worst solution.

Alternatively, the variants of two and three copper cores are also available. The advantages are that you can connect reliably to the metal core.